A Bundle of Diapers and Wipes ( A Large Pack Diapers + 6 Packs Wipes )

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Size: Size1 (148 Diapers + 6 Packs Wipes)

Your Baby's Trustworthy Pals

Goodies come in pair! With superbly soft diaper and 2-in-1 wet wipes, your baby care routine has never been so easy!
Bouncy Soft Diaper: Highly absorbent and hypoallergenic with no additives or harsh chemicals.
Coconut Nourish Wipes: Clean and nourish skin with 4 natural plant extracts. 100% biodegradable, mild to the environment.


Internationally Certified


Recyclable Packaging


Double Softness, Touch It and Love It

Baby’s skin has fewer fibers than the skin of older kids. That’s why their skin is soft and smooth.10 microns x 0.8D microfiber brings a whole new level of softness to help keep it that way.

10s Fast Dry

Baby’s skin absorbs more water than adult skin. Rashes can develop unexpectedly. Our diapers have a 10-second fast absorption rate, keeping urine away from your baby’s skin and preventing unwanted rashes.

A whole new level of softness

The velvety texture on the layers makes our diaper irresistible to the touch. Word has it that babies refuse to put it down while changing!

Diaper with white background

NB Size Navel Cut-Out

Let newborn navel breathe, navel also matters

Sandwiched Bonding Tape

Triple fix, cutless round edge

Smart Wetness Indicator

Change in time, no blowout

Chlorine-free Ultra-absorbent

Pulp Core
No allergy, no red butt, be not"Princess Pea*

Velvelty Soft and Breathable Back Sheet

Millions micro holes, vent in highest gear


4 Natural Plant Extracts, Nourish and Protect

Coconut OilWith antioxidants to calm redness.
Chamomile ExtractRegenerates skin to calm inflammation.
Witch Hazel ExtractRich in tannins, wards off infection.
Vitamin ENourishes skin and builds up barrier against irritation.

pH balanced

Our wipes have a pH level of 5.8, very close to that of healthy baby skin, making it ideal to protect delicate skin from harmful bacteria.

Customer Reviews

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Denise Betts

A Bundle of Diapers and Wipes ( A Large Pack Diapers + 6 Packs Wipes )

Md abdullah masud

Product quality is amazing! I would love to buy more for my daughter

Lori S.
Very soft

Happy with them! They don't have the plasticy chemical smell that most diapers have and they are way softer than any other diaper I have had

Anastasiia Chinko

A Bundle of Diapers and Wipes ( A Large Pack Diapers + 6 Packs Wipes )

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