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Size: Size 1 (296 diapers)

Momcozy Natural Bamboo Diaper 

Originated from the green lush bamboo woods with the natural antibacterial substance "bamboo kun" preserved, which helps reduce diaper rash on your little one's skin.


A whole new level of softness

Skin is the first line of defence for babies who are still developing their immune system. A healthy skin barrier provides strong resistance to external irritants. BabyCozy Bouncy Soft diapers are designed to protect their fist line of defence by giving it ultra softness and extra care.


Internationally Certified


Recyclable Packaging

Smooth Diaper

Soft diapers born for soft skin

Baby’s skin has fewer fibers than the skin of older kids. That’s why their skin is soft and smooth.10 microns x 0.8D microfiber brings a whole new level of softness to help keep it that way.

Relaxing Baby

45% less friction means 45% more comfort

Baby’s skin is about 30% thinner than adult’s skin. Therefore, it’s much more delicate. The innovative embossed cocoon pattern helps reduce skin contact by 45% for less friction, lowering the risk of chafing.

How are our diapers different (effective)?

The performance of our diapers will always stay on a par with our strict and high standards of craftsmanship.

Innovative Embossed Cocoon Pattern

Cut skin contact by 45% for less friction, lowering the risk of chafing.

Adjustable Wide Elastic Waistband

Super elastic and comfy to fit on baby's tummy snugly.

Leak-proof 3D Legcuffs

Wide ruffles offers extra leak protection.

Chlorine-free and Ultra-absorbent Pulp Core

Absorbs liquids away in as fast as 10 seconds.

Velvety Soft and Breathable Back Sheet

Millions of micropores provide a comfy and dry feeling for little tushy.

Baby and diaper

How to make the most of our elastic waistband?

All of BabyCozy's diapers feature a wide adjustable waistband. That's why it can easily fit baby's bum of different size and help prevent leaks. Just pull up the magic tape from the back of the waistband where you can adjust stretchiness.


10 seconds absorption rate keeps rashes away

Baby’s skin absorbs more water than adult skin. Rashes can develop unexpectedly. Our diapers have a 10-second fast absorption rate, keeping urine away from your baby’s skin and preventing unwanted rashes.

Erase Sensitivity

No bad stuff will ever be found in our diapers. We only want the safest for your baby. Proved by Children's Product Certificate (CPC), not a single trace of harsh chemicals, latex, lotions or fragrances is left on our diapers. Rest assured, it's very safe and hypoallergenic to protect your precious lil' one.


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