BabyCozy 5 in 1 Baby Food Maker with Touch Screen for Self-Clean

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Only half the size of regular baby food processor, ours has more funtions such as cutting nuts, making puree, warming milk, steaming rice etc. Two more blades (totalling 4) greatly increase its working efficiency while guarantee finer food texture. We understand you want to include more nutritious and easy options in your baby's diet. Just relax, we have your back.

Safety guarantee

No plastic material is used for the blending parts to avoid plastic particles scraping, cracking, or blasting. For the steamer, we only use Tritan-level non-toxic plastic that is approved by FDA. All baby products should be absolutely safe and we follow the rule.

Highlight features

Tritan-level material
2X smaller size
2 layers of steamers
5 functions
4 blades

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Prepare various baby foods in a finely blended way

Safer Material
5 Functions
15,000 RPM

Got a picky-eater?

Tired of racking your brain as to what food to prepare for your baby? Got the food prepared, but your baby is being picky? Finally fed your baby, but find the messy blender waiting to be cleaned? Fret not, BabyCozy baby food maker is here to help. With 5 food making options, you will be able to prepare various foods in different textures, whether it's liquid, puree or chunks. And the self-clean function will save your from the tedious chore of washing the blender up!

It’s safe

Using food-grade 304 stainless steel for inner layer means there is no more risk of scraping down plastic articles like traditional one does. The FDA-approved Tritan-level steamer also makes sure your precious little one enjoy the food with utmost safety.

It cuts thoroughly

15,000 revolutions per minute, 2 times faster -- accomplished by four blades. Our baby puree blender is designed to thoroughly cut foods in finer texture for baby's delicate stomach. Four blades also mean more efficiency, so you can spend less time prepping food while more time bonding with your little one.

It cleans itself

Just press the self-clean button and you will expect a well-cleaned food maker ready for next use. All you need to do is to sit back and relax. Plus, this baby food steamer has a unibody design, so no disassembly will ever be required every time after use!

5 multiple functions handle a variety of foods including meat, fruits and veggies, in the ways of steam, blend, milk prep, soup, and nut milk. It caters to baby’s appetite in different growing stages.

BabyCozy Diet Tutorial

4-6 months - Milk Sweet Potato Puree
• 1 sweet potato +milk powder
Add the milk powder to the baby food maker, and use the milk pre to formulate. Steam the sweet potato, then add the milk to blend.

6-8 months - Chicken Potato Puree
• Chicken soup +150g potato
Steam the potato, then add the chicken soup to blend.

9 to 12 months - Beef and vegetable puree
• 100g fat trimmed beef +155g potato +125g carrot
Place the beef, vegetables and water in a saucepan, simmer covered until tender, then blend.

Step 1

After you have steamed the ingredients, put them into the blender with water. Then touch-select the function you desire.

Step 2

Appoint the time, then it will start working. When the processing is done, the reminder sound will go off.

Step 3

You can always select another function or adjust the intensity through the super recognizable function icons.

Step 4

Transfer the food from the blending tank and your baby can start feasting!

baby food maker

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to use the BabyCozy food maker?

A: It only takes three steps to make delicious food. First, put the cut-up food and water into the tank, then select the function you want and appoint a time. After you hear the reminder sound, transfer the food from the blending tank. Tip: For a finer texture, it's recommended you steam the ingredients first.

Q: How long does it take to prepare food?

A: It depends on types of the food. Fruits usually take 8-10 mins, vegetables 10-15 mins, fish 20 mins and meat 20-25 mins.

Q: How do I clean my baby food maker ?

A: Just choose the self-clean function, then it starts cleaning itself. During the process, the water will heat up for a more convenient and thorough cleaning which leaves no chance for residue to hide.

Q: What's the material of BabyCozy food maker blender ?

A: The inner layer of the blender is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which is easier to clean and much safer compared to plastic ones.

Q: What’s the material of the steamer ?

A: It’s an FDA-approved Tritan level streamer with 2 layers, loyal to the safe and non-toxic baby products standard.

Q: What are the functions of this BabyCozy baby food puree maker?

A: It has 5 functions including steaming, blending, milk prep, soup making, and nut milk to satisfy your baby's variable eating demands at different stages.

Q: Is it noisy during use ?

A: No, down to 70 dB, which has the same sound decibel as a washing machine or a dishwasher at work.

Q: How many blades does the BabyCozy baby food maker have ?

A: It has 4 blades, 2 more than traditional food makers. It also has a frequency of 15,000RPM, two times faster than traditional ones.