BabyCozy Coconut Nourish Wipes (6 Packs, 240 Wipes)

$34.99 USD

Our Wipes = Water Wipes + Rash Cream
Clean and nourish your baby's skin at each wipe.

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Product Details

Our diaper wipes are enriched with natural plant extract (coconut oil, vitamin E, witch hazel extract and chamomile extract), to not only clean but to nourish for healthy baby skin.


We only use 100% biodegradable plant fiber and we have been approved by multi third party agencies. They are natural baby wipes made responsibly with your baby and the environment in mind.


Soothing & Soft
100% Natural Fiber
Zero Additive
Zero Chlorine Residue

100% Plant fiber
99% Nourish
100% Biodegradable
20% Larger
Our Happy Customers

Natural Coconut Oil
Inborn Skin Carer

· Calms redness
· Retains moisture
· Builds up barrier
· Prevents diaper rash
In a nutshell, it cleans and nourishes at the same time.

4 in 1 Plant Extract,
Nourish and Protect

Coconut Oil

With antioxidants to calm redness.

Chamomile Extract

Regenerates skin to calm inflammation.

Witch Hazel Extract

Rich in tannins, wards off infection.

Vitamin E

Nourishes skin and builds up barrier against irritation.

Guaranteed by
Top-notch Technique

Not to brag, but our baby wipe is the only one on the market refined in a Chlorine-free bleaching closed loop system. It's safe and hypoallergenic for the most sensitive baby skin.

Guided by Eco-friendly Ethics

Made of 100% natural plant fiber, our soft baby wipes biodegrade fully without causing any pollution to the environment. We never cease to take action upon being a green seller.

3D Bumpy Texture Wipes Cleaner

The textured surface is designed to tackle messes seriously while being kind on baby skin. No painful cleaning, only gentle wiping.

One wipe at a time

Crossed overlapping allows one wipe one draw with one hand. Expect hassle-free nursing without mess or extra wipes drooping outside.

One piece equals two

The 100% EcoCosy plant fiber in our wipes can not only break down completely, it also makes our wipe 2X thicker and sturdier than regular ones. Just let one wipe do two wipes' job!

pH balanced

Our wipes have a pH level of 5.8, very close to that of healthy baby skin, making it ideal to protect delicate skin from harmful bacteria.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Great wipes!

These are well made. I love the packaging for these wipes. The smell is really great and I would purchase again.

Jessica Galicia
Multi purpose wipe!

These wipes are great for multi purpose. The texture they have at great for wiping the bottom or after they eat a snack. I wish the pack brought more.

Cleans well and high quality

The baby wipes come with pop-up dispensers. The wipes are thick and durable. They clean well and have a faint smell of coconut. They did not cause any irritation or reactions. I like that it is made of biodegradable material. I am very pleased with the wipes.

Nice wipes

These wipes are perfect for little ones with sensitive skin or who are irritated easily! They have a nice coconut smell and are very moist.

Annie Belle
Gentle and moisturizing!

I admit I got these for my fur child. I havent been able to find wipes I used to use on her this past year and have been searching for a replacement since. I cant stand the smell of most wipes. I recently found some that I liked well enough but they were fragranced. I liked the fragrance but didnt want it but accepted the compromise. I picked these up on a whim and they are perfect!!! They are ever so slightly fragranced if you sniff real close but its barely there. They are soothing and non irritating! Think I finally can stop compromising! Great wipes.