Momcozy Bamboo Diaper - Travel Pack

100% Natural Bamboo - Reduce Diaper Rash

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Style: 3 packs diapers
Size: 8-14 lb

Our sizing is based on averages, please double check the chosen size based on your child's actual weight.

  • 0 to 2 months(size1): Recommended for babies 8-14 lb/3.6-6.4 kg.
  • 2 to 6 months(size2): Recommended for babies 12-18 lb/5.4-8.2 kg.
  • 6 to 12 months(size3): Recommended for babies 16-28 lb/7.3-12.7 kg.
  • 12 to 24 months(size4): Recommended for babies 22-37 lb/10-16.8 kg.
  • 24 to 42 months(size5): Recommended for babies> 27 lb/12.2 kg.

Take ’em out for a fun outingwith your baby!

Take our travel pack on fun outings with your little one. With the perfect amount of diapers to cover as long as a day’s need and the easy pop-up lid of the wipe, you can easily change the diaper or simply tackle the messiness when you need to.

We've taken diapers to the next level!

Let baby's bum breathe, so you can breatheBamboo fiber is known as the fiber that knows how to "breathe", so when your baby sits in this diaper, the butt is guaranteed to be dry and comfy.
Not a single drop should escapePainfully bothered by frequent midnight change? You should give this diaper a try. Our innovative SuperbDry core can lock liquids away for up to 12 hours.
Soft as ever!As bamboo fibers are naturally smooth & rounded, so the liners touching your baby is so soft that it resembles a mom's gentle kiss.

Naturally antibacterial toreduce diaper rash

The natural antibacterial substance "bamboo kun" has an antibacterial rate of 70% – 73% in 24 hours. Even if the baby produces output late at night and the diaper is not changed on time, it will suppress the bacteria to greatly reduce diaper rash.

Stay fresh and moist from the first to the last

Our packaging adopts a pop-up lid and resealable sticker. So it will stay fresh and moist for an extended period of time. Always ensure the best cleaning effect when you need it!

Larger than the ones you've ever used!

Size up to clean up! Thanks to the extra large design of 20cm*20cm, now you can handle any messes ranging from little messy butt, little stick fingers to dirty hard surfaces. It's a reliable helper for moms and their little ones!

The bamboo diapers & waterwipes

  • Originated from the green lush bamboo woods with the natural antibacterial substance "bamboo kun" preserved, which helps reduce diaper rash on your little one's skin.
  • The largest baby water wipes on the market. Now you can tackle all the messes your little munchkin produces in a breeze.

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