Travel Packs - Diapers and Coconut Nourish Wipes (12 diapers, 40 wipes) or Diapers Only (12 count) Diaper Sample

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Style: Diapers (12 Count)
Size: Size 1

A whole new level of softness

Skin is the first line of defence for babies who are still developing their immune system. A healthy skin barrier provides strong resistance to external irritants. BabyCozy Bouncy Soft diapers are designed to protect their fist line of defence by giving it ultra softness and extra care.


Internationally Certified


Recyclable Packaging

Take ’em out for a fun outing with your baby!

Take our travel pack on fun outings with your little one. With the perfect amount of diapers to cover as long as a day’s need and the easy pop-up lid of the wipe, you can easily change the diaper or simply tackle the messiness when you need to.


Save baby’s bum from diaper rash

It’s commonly known that two of the top reasons for rash and irritation are CHAFING and HUMIDITY. Our diapers are crafted with luxuriously soft fabric and millions of micropores to reduce chafing and humidity as best as possible.

IT’S ULTRA-SOFT. 1x softness: softest 10 microns cottony top sheet 2x softness: finest 0.8D microfiber velvety back sheet
IT’S HIGHLY BREATHABLE. Millions of micropores lining the inner film efficiently wick moisture away. Humidity has no where to hide!

Let baby care be a breeze

At home or in the out door


4 in 1 natural plant extracts keep baby's skin healthy.

Coconut Oil Rich in natural fats to build up a barrier between baby’s skin and irritants. Diaper rash, beware!
Chamomile Extract Nourishes and soothes baby’s sensitive skin.
Witch Hazel Extract Rich in tannins to calm redness and irritation.
Vitamin E Softens dry, flaky skin and protects cells from damage.

The softest diapers & most nourishing wipes

Crafted with thoughtful details to fit on your baby’s tushy. Wide elastic waistband enables your baby to move freely.
Broader 3D side liners provide 2x leak protection.
Sandwiched bonding tape guarantees 3x more secure.
Good for your baby, your wallet and Mama Earth. One-handed dispensing means only one wipe at a time.
EcoCosy plant fiber -- 2x thicker and sturdier than regular ones.
100% biodegradable natural fiber -- mild on the environment.

Customer Reviews

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Incredibly soft, absorbent and fit well.

Super soft diapers!

These are the absolute softest diapers Ive ever used! They fit great and work well. The only down side is that they are a bit pricier than others.

White Rice & Soy Sauce
Great quality

These diapers are extremely soft.
I love the size indicator on these diapers. They are extremely helpful to make sure you have the diapers centered on your little ones bottom.
The small packages would be perfect for a baby shower gift for a new parent wanting to sample different diaper brands.

5.0 out of 5 stars Bon qualite et confortable.

12 nouvelles couches - taille 2 (bonne pour un bb de deux mois)
Couches de bonne qualit.
Il n'y a pas de produits chimiques.
L'absorption est bonne et meilleure que celle que j'ai utilise.
Bon ajustement.
Le caoutchouc est bon et l'adhsif est bon aussi.
Il est trs doux pour la peau de bb et n'a provoqu aucune raction allergique chez le bb.
Bon prix, livraison en un jour.

So soft!

These diapers scream "quality". They are thin and velvety soft for comfort. They have elastic on the back side for achieving a perfect fit. The tabs to secure the diapers are easy to use over and over again, making it simple to check for messes. They instantly wick the wetness away from skin.

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