Softest Diaper +
Nourishing Wipe

The perfect match for healthy skin

Take the perfect duo
to the outdoor!

Our travel pack will make diaper change a breeze

Softest Diapers

Gentle care for each newborn

Coconut Nourish Wipes

Made of 100% natural plant fiber

Travel Packs

12 diapers & 40 wipes

No kidding, it's really soft

Bounce into superb softness.
Get softly stroked on each motor skill exploration.
Whether you wiggle, curl or twist,
we'll have your back, little pal.

Barely any scratch will be left on your skin.
Hand and Baby Hip
45% cut of skin contact, 45% cut of friction.
Cozy Diapers
Cushion each rough landing of your tushy.

The Softest Diaper for the Most Delicate Skin

Newborn's skin is up to 30% thinner than adult's. The improper choice of diaper will make it even more vulnerable. To care for your baby’s delicacy, we proudly present these Bouncy Soft baby diapers with a superb velvety touch.

Softness achieved by top-notch materials and technique

The most sensitive skin deserves such gentle care.


Double softness

Buttery smooth and velvety touch


1X softness

Softest 10 microns cottony top sheet

Hand Image

2X softness

Finest 0.8D microfiber velvety back sheet

$9.99 Get the Softest Diapers!

Two packs of 12 pieces of our softest diaper!
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Once the softest, always the softest.
I like that these diapers have a much more substantial side wall construction. The BabyCozy diapers are really good at containing messes and I don't believe we have had any issues with accidental leakage. The diapers do feel softer and well constructed where the waistband straps exist.
This is my preferred diaper for my little one. It's the best diapers for newborns. They are super absorbent, we have yet to have a leak using them, even overnight. You also can't beat the affordability. The only thing that may be a con for some (not us) is that there is a faint scent. We absolutely will continue to purchase these diapers.
Even through the night into the morning there is no leakage and his bedding is always clean and dry. These diapers hold A LOT without giving. I was amazed one morning when I changed him and saw how bulky the diaper was. He hasn’t had any diaper rashes or any irritation from these neither.
Any diaper that can hold up overnight on my son that pees so much I deem it an awesome diaper. Even with a fully loaded per diaper in the morning, I haven’t witnessed any gel from the diaper which is excellent! So my husband and I can stop waking up at night and have a good sleep, this diaper saved my dark circles!
Newborn diaper size - There was no smell at all when I opened these diapers! Many other brands have a strong scent but these did not. I was amazed at the touch of the diapers, because they’re really soft and you can see in my photos. It's best diapers for sensitive skin,and it's the best overnight diapers, I think.
These BabyCozy have been great for our little one. They are light and soft. I like that they are not bulky, but still provide good leak protection. They do keep our baby dry and can last through the night as long as it is just wet. I am happy that they are free from chlorine bleaching. Our little one hasn’t had any skin reactions to this diaper. I really recommend them.
There’s a lot to love about these diapers! There isn’t a fragrance which means less chemicals. They are super soft! I mean really really soft! The tabs are Velcro and stick nicely to the material on the front. They don’t come undone, but still leave room for movement as the baby plays. I think this BabyCozy diaper is my girl’s new necessity. Love them!!!! 5 stars!
This product is great! Best disposable diapers, I love that there is a line to let you know if diaper is wet. Size 4 diapers is perfect for my baby, super absorbent and haven’t had any issues with leaks! It is comfortable and doesn’t leave marks on hips when they move around in their sleep. Works great! Def recommend.I love disposable diapers.