Momcozy Baby 2-in-1 Nasal Aspirator with Sprayer

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Innovation in baby nasal care: combining spray and suction in one easy-to-use device.

The hospital-grade suction of 65Kpa, combined with saline solution, can easily beat the most stubborn boogers. And the quiet operation at below 40 dB won't disturb your little one, delivering a smooth sucking experience!

2-in-1 Design

Nasal Care Made Easier Than Ever
STEP 1 SPRAY-Help to moisturize nasal passagers
STEP 2 SUCK-Effective removal of stubborn mucus
Our product innovatively combines the electric nasal aspirator and nasal spray in one, making it easier than ever to moisturize and clear baby’s nasal passages.

Auto Shut-Off Feature

Designed With Baby’s Safety in Mind
Spraying automatically shuts off after 10 seconds to prevent the baby from coughing or gagging.

Suction Strength

Beat the Most Stubborn  Boogers
Our electric nasal aspirator features powerful suction of 69Kpa to quickly, gently, and effectively remove nasal mucus and boogers, for baby's comfort and mom’s peace of mind.

Quiet Operation

Fuss-Free Nasal Cleaning
Operating at under 40 dB, this 2-in-1 nasal aspirator won't disturb your baby. Enjoy a smooth nasal cleaning experience with a calm baby.

Two Tips Included

Suit Babies of Different Ages
The Momcozy Nasal Aspirator comes equipped with two interchangeable tips, a thoughtful inclusion that caters to the diverse needs of babies and toddlers across various age ranges

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