Momcozy Natural Bamboo Diaper - Naturally Antibacterial

100% Natural Bamboo - Reduce Diaper Rash

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Size: 8-14 lb

Our sizing is based on averages, please double check the chosen size based on your child's actual weight.

  • 0 to 2 months(size1): Recommended for babies 8-14 lb/3.6-6.4 kg.
  • 2 to 6 months(size2): Recommended for babies 12-18 lb/5.4-8.2 kg.
  • 6 to 12 months(size3): Recommended for babies 16-28 lb/7.3-12.7 kg.
  • 12 to 24 months(size4): Recommended for babies 22-37 lb/10-16.8 kg.
  • 24 to 42 months(size5): Recommended for babies> 27 lb/12.2 kg.

Naturally antibacterial toreduce diaper rash

The natural antibacterial substance "bamboo kun" has an antibacterial rate of 70% – 73% in 24 hours. Even if the baby produces output late at night and the diaper is not changed on time, it will suppress the bacteria to greatly reduce diaper rash.

We've taken diapers to the nextlevel!

Let baby's bum breathe, so you can breatheBamboo fiber is known as the fiber that knows how to "breathe", so when your baby sits in this diaper, the butt is guaranteed to be dry and comfy.
Not a single drop should escapePainfully bothered by frequent midnight change? You should give this diaper a try. Our innovative SuperbDry core can lock liquids away for up to 12 hours.
Soft as ever!As bamboo fibers are naturally smooth & rounded, so the liners touching your baby is so soft that it resembles a mom's gentle kiss.

How to make the most of ourelastic waistband?

All of Momcozy's diapers feature an adjustable wide waistband. That's why it can easily fit baby's bum of different size and help prevent leaks. Just pull up the magic tape from the back of the waistband where you can adjust stretchiness.

Thoughtful designs born fromlove

100% Natural Bamboo Liner Luxuriously soft and silky smooth, guaranteed by 1.3D bamboo fiber.
Comfy & Secure Magic Tape Support 100+ times* of usage without hurting skin.
Adjustable Wide Elastic Waistband
Super elastic and comfy to fit on baby's tummy snugly.

*Please be aware that all data is from ROOT Lab and may vary during actual use due to environmental factors and methods of usage.

Find pure and natural care inthe making of our diapers

From raw materials to the layers that touch your baby, we make sure everything is natural.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jocelin A.
Absolutely love

Absolutely love these diapers for my baby girl! I was lucky enough to win the diaper tester program and was able to try these amazing bamboo diapers. They are super soft and super gentle on babys bottom I have exclusively used these diapers for over 3 weeks now day and night without having any diaper rashes or leaks/ blowouts. I would definitely recommend these diapers to everyone that has a baby with sensitive skin or parents that want to do good and buy a eco friendly biodegradable diaper.


Cost way to much

Anna D.

I have a baby with a very sensitive bottom and these diapers are great very absorbing! Ans the wipes are extra large one wipe ans baby is clean ! ;)

Tsering T.
Amazing qualit

Amazing quality. Does not leak even left throughout the night. Perfect for my sensitive and eczema prone skin daughter. Best diapers so far. I have tried so many brands.

Kaitlyn S.
I am loving these diapers

I am loving these diapers. My daughter used to get diaper rashes a lot and ever since shes been wearing these bamboo diapers, she hasnt had one?

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