We got the chart
You go get a weight scale.

We know online shopping can be tricky for fit and sizing. We have done our absolute best to create a size guide to help you find the right size.

Size Weight ranges(lbs) Weight ranges(kg) Changes per day
1 8-14lb 3.6-6.4kg ~8
2 12-18lb 5.4-8.2kg ~7
3 16-28lb 7.3-12.7kg ~7
4 22-37lb 10-16.8kg ~6
5 27+lb 12.2kg+ ~6
6 35+lb 15.9kg+ ~5

A small step for the babies , a huge step for moms.

The right size of diaper means halfway to the “anti-leak” destination.

Diaper leaks and bursts mainly come from wrong size wearing and wrong way wearing. Now let’s solve the problem step by step.

First, get a weight scale to measure the weight of your baby.

Second, pick out the size from the below chart.

Lastly, jump to “How to use”section to tackle "wrong way wearing" issue.