Cozy design, made with a parent's love.

Think ahead of the parent, care just like the parent

Who is BabyCozy?

Love always trickles down. Nothing compares to the love a parent has for their child.  We want to extend that love while making parents’ lives easier. This is why Momcozy decided to create BabyCozy.

Just as Momcozy takes care of moms, BabyCozy looks after your little one. This love is backed by human-centered experience, thoughtful design, premium materials, and the strictest of standards. BabyCozy is dedicated to extending mom and dad’s love, by bringing coziness and joy to their little one’s life.

Our Beliefs:

Everyone wants the very best for their baby. But being a parent, you will find yourself always having so many things to worry about, and so many choices to make for your baby. 

Relax! You don’t always have to be a perfect parent. Let us help shoulder the load.

Apart from bringing that same level of comfort and care to babies, BabyCozy partners with moms and dads to shoulder the load of parenthood and make their lives easier, so they can better enjoy those precious moments with their little ones.

Human-centred experience

We understand you want to pick out the best products for your cherished little ones. Therefore we strive to present to you some of the safest and most reliable products made under strict standards, in the hope that both you and your baby will love our products. Just remember we are always here to take care of you both, so you'll have more energy and time to enjoy all the fun.

Thoughtful design

The gentlest love for the tenderest babies, the highest salute for the most innocent spirits. We never jump to the next step until we think through all the details at the current step of design, which we believe only possesses meaning when it's infused with thoughtfulness.

Selected materials

We don't mind having to travel across 7 oceans and 100+ countries, so long as we think we have picked out the choicest materials. And what makes for the choicest materials? Well, they do no harm to your babies as well as to the earth. Protecting the earth is protecting the environment that your baby will grow up in. That’s why we are so obsessed with being a green seller.

Tough standards

Being strict is one thing that defines us. So whether it's the craft, design, material or test, there are at least 9 checks for them to pass before reaching the standard, just to spot out any itty-bitty defect. Too nit-picky? No, it’s being responsible. Because your babies are just like our babies and we want the best for them, that’s all.

Care for each baby just like caring for our babies
Softest. Diapers. Ever!!
Upon opening the diapers up I was amazed by how soft they were.The look to fit comfortably on my daughter. The Absorbency is really good, she pees a lot so these hold really well, also I really like the wet indicator line! Over all I am really impressed with the diaper and will definitely be buying when these hit the shelves.
— Amanda Mullen
Care for each baby just like caring for our babies
We really like BabyCozy diapers.They are super soft! They fit my son great (chubby legs), nice and secure, he can wear these overnight without leaking. They are super soft!
— Rachel
Care for each baby just like caring for our babies
They do not leak and they are easy to use. I love them so much. I can't recommend them enough! And I love the extra soft stretchy tabs.
— Sarah
Care for each baby just like caring for our babies
Absolutely love these diapers! From the time my son was born these were all he’s used and that worked. These keep him dry, hold really well without leaking, super soft, and no funny scents.
— Nora
Care for each baby just like caring for our babies
Super soft and absorbent! These fit my long and lean baby very well. Out of all the more natural and plant based diapers I’ve tried, these are my favorite so far. They tick all the boxes of qualities I like in a diaper: very soft, not too thick, absorbent, no smell, wetness indicator, and plant based.
— Nikita

Kids by Parents
BabyCozy by Momcozy

As a sub-brand developed by Momcozy, BabyCozy brings that same level of comfort and care to babies.