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10 Brilliant Mom Hacks That Will Make Life Easier

10 Brilliant Mom Hacks That Will Make Life Easier

We all know how difficult it is to be a mom. There are so many things you need to manage, from your children to your office, your house, and many more. You're always on the go. And that is the reason it's quite challenging to become that super mom you've always wanted to be for your kid. You need to always be on your toes and skillfully manage different areas. Without time to relax or rest, you need to continue your job and take care of every situation without giving up. That’s why moms should know several smart hacks that can help them remain organized while avoiding the mess and not losing their time. 

This post contains several smart hacks that super moms can apply to make their daily life easier. Just try these easy and simple hacks, and you'll be able to save lots of time and energy. 

1. Painting tray

If you have a kid who enjoys painting, then you can decide to create a secure and safe painting tray for them. Simply save on any of your egg cartons, and you can give them to your child so they can make colors. As soon as the child is done, you can just ask them to close the egg carton and safely keep the colors. Again, this would save you time from cleaning the mess since the colors will be properly placed.

2. Go with a closet that has double rods

To ensure that you're able to arrange your kids' clothes in a very organized manner, you should try to choose a closet that has double rods or two rods that are fitted into your existing closet. This hack has a big advantage, and that is it'll save you time from stacking clothes and then ironing them when they're wrinkled. All you need to do is just hang them, and they're good to be worn when you need them.

3. Pegboard for bathroom storage

There are a lot of things you need to place in your bathroom, and if you want to do that in a more organized way, you should get a peg board. As soon as your child has finished playing with the board, you can decide to use it on the wall of your bathroom. That'll help you in creating a considerable amount of storage without the need to spend money. You can easily place your toiletries on the peg wall, and that's if you have space. 

4. Anti-slippery slippers

Children don't enjoy wearing shoes, and they'd like to wander all about, and they simply want to do that when wearing socks, and it can result in the socks tearing. If you want to avoid this, you can just add some silicon base or puffy fabric paint to the kid's socks so that they don't slip and that will also prevent the socks from tearing fast. 

5. Play pool for kids

Children love the pool, and most families have a pool that they mostly use during summer to make their kids have a playful time. One other interesting hack is to make use of that particular pool as a play pool for your children. Just ensure your baby stays in the pool and give them some of their toys. They'll get busy playing with their toys and they'll also stay secured in the pool. 

6. Shoe stickers

Because your kid is still growing they'd get confused often between their right and left foot. If you want to keep things sorted, just attach a sticker beneath the right shoe anytime the baby wants to wear the shoe they'd check for the sticker without running to ask you for the right one all the time. 

7. Get a baby food maker

Many parents can attest to the fact that buying a baby food maker is a wise decision. They can do more than what you'd expect them to do. A lot of them provide steaming capabilities and can be used to make purees. If you're a parent who would like to make a steamed side dish quickly or even blend some delicious fruit smoothies for your kid, this is a great choice for you. As soon as your child starts to take solids, you can always take some time to prepare purees of their favorite vegetables and fruits using this baby food maker then place them in the freezer. That'll act as a healthy meal your kid can have instantly, especially when you're busy. 

8. Emergency car bag

It's a method that can come in very handy. You should always keep some small bags in your trunk filled with your necessities. One bag should contain one or two pieces of clothing for changes, extra diapers, pacifiers, and a nursing cover. 

In the same trunk (even in the back seats' pockets), you can also keep some gallon-sized plastic bags or the ones from the grocery store. That's where you should put the poopy diapers anytime you're not close to the trash can. They can also come in handy anytime your child gets carsick. 

In another bag, you should keep some things your child can use when they're not doing anything. Books, small toys, and so on. That way, anytime you go on an outing or for a long drive and realised you didn't take something to keep the kid busy, you can always have something to easily grab. 

9. Place soft baby wipes in all rooms

There's no way you can have enough baby wipes with you all the time. These beauties clean everything up very well. You should keep a pack of soft wipes in all the rooms in your house, your parent's house, and your car. This is one item you surely want to have close to you because your kid can mess up the area unannounced, and you don't want to spend so much time before cleaning the mess. 

10. Containers for storage

Always put some containers in your home to store stuff, especially your kid's clothes and toys. You can use these containers for several purposes, depending on what you need them for.

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