The Correct Use of Baby Wipes and Their Ten Other Use that You Should Know

The Correct Use of Baby Wipes and Their Ten Other Use that You Should Know

As a parent, you may not even think twice about how to use baby wipes. It seems quite simple: Your baby goes to the bathroom in their diaper, and you simply wipe them before putting on a new diaper. Baby wipes are a must-have item that parents do not talk often about. Here we will go over how to correctly use baby wipes and all the amazing uses for diaper wipes.

Is There a Correct Way to Wipe Your Baby’s Bum with a Baby Wipe?

There actually is a correct way to wipe a baby girl’s bottom. Girls should always be wiped front to back to avoid infections.

Baby wipes are a great way to prevent diaper rash for all babies. A baby’s bottom is constantly subjected to moisture and bacteria; therefore, it is very important to use natural baby wipes for sensitive skin.

What Should Parents Look for in a Baby Wipe?

Baby wipes should help your beautiful baby’s skin and not have any fragrance, parabens, or alcohol. A newborn’s skin is very sensitive during the first few months, and it is important to use all-natural ingredients with them. BabyCozy Baby Wipes are made with natural plant extracts like coconut oil and chamomilla recutita flower extract. Another thing to look for is baby wipes that are natural without synthetic material. BabyCozy Baby Wipes are perfect since they are made with 100% plant fiber and are 100% biodegradable. Not only do they help our precious one’s skin, but they also help the planet and therefore future of our little ones.

Is There a Correct Way to Dispose of Baby Wipes?

Baby Wipes should never be flushed down a toilet and should always be disposed of in a trash can. Even if a baby wipe is labeled as biodegradable, it is still not advised to flush. Simply wrapping the dirty wipes in the baby’s dirty diaper and throwing it in the trash will be fine. Nature will do its thing and soon the wipes will degrade and decompose.

How Long Do Baby Wipes Last Unopened?

It depends on the brand and the ingredients used in it. Baby wipes usually have 15 months to two years of shelf life if unopened. But it should be noted that they can dry out easily if they are not sealed correctly. Baby wipes can last about three months if sealed properly after each use. After a few months once opened they may start drying out, so make sure to use them quickly.

Other Uses for Baby Wipes

There are so many more uses for baby wipes than just using them on your baby’s bum. Here we will go over some of our favorite uses for wet wipes.

  1. Freshen Up for Baby and Parent

Wipes for newborn babies are perfect for the whole family. They are perfect for freshening up for both baby and parent. After a long day of traveling or just an exhausting day, baby wipes are the perfect thing to have on hand to quickly wipe down a baby or yourself.  Mothers can even use them for wiping off their makeup at the end of the night.

  1. Clean Face and Hands Quickly

We all know that baby’s hands and face can get messy quickly, and many times families are nowhere close to a sink to wash a kid’s hands and face. Baby wipes are great for quickly wiping faces and hands while on the run. Many baby wipes have natural oils to keep skin soft.

  1. Wipe Away Spills and Stains

Baby wipes are great for wiping up small spills and stains. Wipes can easily clean up spills on hard surfaces and are perfect for quickly dabbing a clothing stain while out and about. Most of the time if you dab a stain a few times it is out quickly without being near a washroom.

  1. Quickly Clean Up a Mess

They can also be great to wipe down tables and highchairs at a restaurant before sitting down for dinner. Wipes can make an area feel clean and more comfortable for dining. 

  1. Effortlessly Dust and Clean Around the House

Baby wipes are great for dusting around the house. They are super easy to work with and do not require sprays or other rags. Not only do they wipe down tabletops, but they are also great for ceiling fans and baseboards. They can also be great for wiping down walls that little ones may have left little sticky fingerprints on.

  1. Clean Keyboard and Other Small Hard to Clean Objects

Baby wipes are perfect for getting into the small areas of keyboards or even remote controls. It is great to have baby wipes on hand when traveling to new hotels to wipe down remotes and other high-contact areas.

  1. Clean Crafting Supplies

If you are a crafter, you may have had to clean supplies after use. Baby wipes are an easy way to make sure rubber stamps are clean and ready for the next use. They can also be great for getting paint off of paint brushes.

  1. Camping Life Savers

If there is one thing that everyone should have when on a camping trip, it is baby wipes. They are great for freshening up after a long day outside, perfect for those potty breaks in the woods, and amazing at cleaning pots, pans, and other camping necessities.

  1. Makes Shoes and Purses Look New

Wipes are great for cleaning up small scuffs or dirt from smooth surfaces like bags and shoes.

  1. Cleaning Up After Cooking

Wipes can be great for getting those hard-to-get cooking stains off glass cooking tops.

Baby wipes can be amazing and should be in everyone’s house, car, and bag. They are great for quickly cleaning up spills, easily wiping down hands, and simply staying clean and fresh. BabyCozy Coconut Nourishing Wipes are the best baby wipes for sensitive skin. They are biodegradable, which means they are perfect for your baby now and in the future.

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