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How Can I Prevent My Baby’s Diaper Rash?

How Can I Prevent My Baby’s Diaper Rash?

What is a diaper rash?

Diaper rash is a common type of rash that causes the skin to turn reddish and tender in the diaper area. 

Common causes of diaper rash:

Various reasons lead to diaper rash. Following are the three most common causes of diaper rash:

  1. Irritationfrom the soiled and wet baby diapers.
  2. Infection because of bacterial and fungal growth in the diaper after passing urine. 
  3. Allergy from the use of washing, cleaning, or any new products.
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How long does diaper rash takes to go?

Diaper rash can be gone within two or three days with home treatment. In some cases, it can take more time.

Treatment of diaper rash:

Diaper rash can be annoying for your babies but can be treated simply at home. You only need to check the diaper more frequently than usual. In this way, you can quickly change the diapers for baby when it becomes wet or poopy. 

You should also clean the diaper area thoroughly but gently with soap and running water and let it air dry.

When the affected area becomes dry, you need to apply a thick quantity of rash cream and ointment. You should use the one containing zinc oxide or petroleum. These substances help to soothe the skin and keep it dry for longer. Do the same at every diaper change to clear the rash quickly.

What if the rash does not go even after the home care?

Sometimes, the rash cannot go after the home care and starts becoming worsen. It is the time to call your health care provider. Your doctor will observe the rash and prescribe a steroid cream, antifungal cream, or antibiotic cream according to the type of rash.

Tips to prevent diaper rash:

We can prevent diaper rash by carrying out a few strategies and by following some tips. Following are some tips that help to prevent diaper rash: 

  • Keep the bottom skin dry and clean it thoroughly after every change.
  • Change the diaper frequently when it gets wet or poopy.
  • Soak the little butt with warm water.
  • Let the bottom skin of your baby air dry completely before putting on the next diaper.
  • Avoid rubbing the skin. Pat a soft cloth to make it dry instead of rubbing.
  • Avoid fitting the diaper tightly.
  • Apply diaper cream or ointment at every diaper change.
  • Choose a proper diaper to prevent diaper rash. Around 90 percent of diaper rashes are preventable using a diaper that offers multiple features. 

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Does a proper diaper is necessary to prevent rash? 

Yes, the rash can occur if you do not pick the proper diaper. Therefore, you should always choose quality diapers. It will prevent the occurrence of rashes and makes your little ones comfortable.

What is a proper diaper?

A proper diaper contains all the features and characteristics to provide comfort to the little ones and prevent the cause of the rash. 

How can I choose a proper diaper?

There are some things to consider while choosing the perfect diaper. Here is the list of these things to consider:

  • Choose reliable diaperbrands :

Parents should choose a branded diaper with a good reputation and avoid buying the local ones. These diapers are made under the guidance of experts. The experts conducted research and then guide the developers on how to make their diapers better and more comfortable. 

  • Stretchable:

You also need to check the stretch-ability of the diaper. The best diaper should be stretchable enough to fit comfortably and allow the air to pass.

  • The size and weight of your baby:

Parents should pick the diaper according to the size and weight of their baby. Small size can irritate and result in rashes. On the other hand, the larger size can lead to leakage that leads to rashes.

  • Disposable diaper:

Babies usually have sensitive skin. Some people believe that cloth diapers would be gentle on a baby's skin and prevent rashes. But rashes are caused by moisture. Therefore, you should choose disposable diapers that helps to prevent rashes. 

It also provides you with convenience. A cloth diaper needs to wash for next time use. But you can throw the disposable diaper simply after it gets full.

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  • Choose a multi-featured diaper:

Best diapers should be:

  1. Strong absorption baby diapers:

A proper diaper is one with highly absorbable quality. It should absorb a large amount of pee quickly. It will reduce the chances of leakage that directly leads to irritation and rash.

  1. Wetness Indicating diapers:

There are various brands in the market that provide wetness indication lines. The blur or white indication lines turn yellow when the diaper becomes too wet.

This feature helps the moms to change the diaper immediately after getting the signals and reduce the chances of rashes.

  1. Softest diapers:

The skin of babies is quite sensitive. Therefore, the diaper should be as soft as possible. The diaper should also be breathable diapers to reduce the chances of infection.

  1. Hypoallergenic diapers:

The diaper must be free from any dyes, chemicals, bleach, or fragrance. The manufacturer of good diapers never adds any fragrance to attract users. The additives added to the diaper can be harmful to the baby. Therefore, you should choose a chemical-free diaper.

  1. Anti-reverse diapers:

A good diaper holds anti- reverse osmosis features. This feature helps to reduce the chances of any infection.


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