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How Does A Diaper Work?

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The Anatomy Of A Diaper 

Alongside the happiness and joy that comes with having a baby in your life, there is also a seemingly endless amount of diapers. Considering that they are such an important part of you and your baby’s daily routine, it is essential that these diapers are not only comfortable for the baby but practical for you as well. 

Disposable diapers are one of those everyday baby essentials that many parents couldn’t imagine living without. They have come a long way in the years since they were invented, and baby diapers are incredibly versatile products that are affordable, functional, and convenient.

What’s more, they serve several important functions that go far beyond keeping fluids and smells inside, they’re also meant to protect your baby’s delicate skin and keep up with your baby as they explore their expanding world.

So, how does a diaper work? If this is a question that has been on your mind, you have come to the perfect place. In this article, we’re going to be looking at the various parts that a diaper is made of, what they do, and in what ways they are beneficial for the baby as well as for you.

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The Parts Of A Diaper

There are some basic features that every infant diaper has. For example, each diaper has two main parts:

  • Diaper Core– First and foremost, there is the diaper core. This is the middle of the diaper, and it consists of three layers. These layers are the top sheet, the distribution layer, and the absorbent core. Overall, the primary purpose of the diaper core is to absorb and store any urine and feces.
  • Diaper Chassis– Surrounding the diaper core is the diaper chassis. Essentially, this is what keeps the various elements of the diaper core together, keeps everything in place, and ensures that the diaper remains firmly attached to the baby. 

Diaper Core

The diaper core consists of three layers, and it is usually composed of materials such as polypropylene, cellulose, and polymer:

  • Top Sheet– The ‘top sheet’ is also known as the ‘inner layer’. This is the part of the diaper that will be against your baby’s sensitive skin all the time, and its purpose is to transfer fluids to the absorbent core where they can be safely kept away from your baby.

At the same time, the top sheet will always remain soft and dry, so that it doesn’t cause any irritation or discomfort to your baby. Of course, the material it is made from is especially important.

Our diapers for baby have been designed with a unique textured top sheet that proves additional points of contact between the soft cotton and the baby’s skin. These bumps mean that air can circulate throughout the diaper, keeping everything breathable and airy.

  • Distribution Layer – The distribution layer lies between the top sheet and the absorbent core. Its purpose is to evenly distribute the liquids that are passed through the top sheet to the absorbent core. Without the distribution layer, these liquids would gather in one place and cause more blowouts and leaks. With this layer, the liquids are spread around throughout the coreto prevent these problems.

It is typically made from superabsorbent polymers that can securely contain large amounts of fluids. When superabsorbent polymers were introduced to newborn diapers during the 1980s, they drastically improved the skin health of young children because they ensured that moisture was kept away from the skin. This is essential to preventing diaper rash.

We’ve incorporated the latest technological developments into our strong absorption baby diapers so that we can use less cellulose without compromising their absorbency. Less cellulose means that the diapers don’t have to be so bulky, and it is a more environmentally sustainable option as well.

  • Absorbent Core – The absorbent core is the innermost layer, and this is where science happens. It is made up of a unique blend of materials such as fluffy cellulose pulp and polyacrylate granules.

Within the absorbent core, a complex interaction of chemicals happens that ensures that your baby remains dry and nothing escapes from the diaper. The pulp rapidly absorbs and transfers fluids to the granules, where it is then securely locked in. This means that fluids can’t leak out, for example, when your baby is moving around or even when they sit on their diaper.

In our diapers, the pulp core isn’t only ultra-absorbent, but it is chlorine-free as well. You can be assured that these are hypoallergenic diapers that won’t cause an allergic reaction or otherwise irritate your little one.

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Diaper Chassis

The diaper chassis has a myriad of functions that are supported by various features. These features include the back sheet, waistband, fasteners, and leg cuffs.

  • Back Sheet– The back sheet is the outermost layer of the diaper, and it prevents any wetness from transferring to your baby’s clothes, yourself, or the surrounding environment.

It is typically made from polyethylene, which ensures that it is as water-resistant as possible. As well as keeping absorbed liquids at bay, it is also important that the back sheet allows water vapor and air to flow through. 

Our breathable diapers have back sheets with countless microscopic holes for air circulation, but they are also completely waterproof so that you don’t have to deal with any unexpected leaks.

  • Fasteners– The fasteners ensure that the diaper doesn’t fall off your baby. They achieve a strong but flexible bond so that even though the diaper is firmly fastened around your baby it can still bend and stretch with your baby’s movements. 

Usually, they consist of elastics that are stretchy and supple enough to fit your baby, as well as adhesives that are tucked away from your baby’s skin and keep the various elements of the diaper in place. A snug waistband and cuffs around the legs, supported by fastenings, elastics, and adhesives, help to prevent leakages.

  • Navel Cut-Out– This is an additional feature that not all diapers may have, but it can be extremely useful. A newborn’s navel can be incredibly sensitive because of the umbilical stump.

A diaper with a navel cut-out is just like a regular diaper, except that it has a small place for your newborn’s navel. It will ensure that the delicate area within and around your newborn’s navel can breathe, which is particularly important whilst the cord stump is exposed.

A newborn navel cut-out should encourage the healing process, and make it easier for you when it comes to caring for your little one during the days and weeks immediately after birth. For your peace of mind, we have designed our Size 1 diapers with a newborn navel cut-out.

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The Ultimate Baby Essentials

Clearly, there is so much more to a baby diaper than you might expect. Our bouncy soft diapers are packed with versatile features and design considerations that are meant to make your life easier whilst keeping your baby happy as well. They have been designed to offer parents ultimate performance, convenience, and comfort so that your diaper experience is as effortless and as relaxed as possible.

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