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Bring better and cozier care to babies

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Let parents better be themselves

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Such is BabyCozy. Originated from the pure and instinctive parental love

Love always trickles down. Nothing compares to the love parents have for their child. We hope to extend that love and bring better and cozier care to babies, so as to make parenting lives easier. We also hope that people won’t give up on being themselves when they become parents, instead, they can enjoy the newfound happiness brought by the arrival of their babies. That is why Momcozy, the best companion for moms globally through their pregnancy and early motherhood,  decided to create BabyCozy.

Everyone wants the very best for their babies. But being a parent, you will find yourself always having so many things to worry about, and so many choices to make for your baby. Relax! You don’t always have to be a perfect parent. Let us help shoulder the load.

Just as Momcozy takes care of moms, BabyCozy looks after your little one. As a sub-brand developed by Momcozy, BabyCozy brings that same level of cozy care to babies.

Natural Care Cozy Care

Cozy care is found in..

Natural Ingredients

Caring for every little baby with natural and non-irritating ingredients

We don't mind having to travel across 7 oceans and 100+ countries, so long as we think we have picked out the choicest materials. And what makes for the choicest materials? The one that are natural and do no harm to your babies.

Pure Making

State-of-art technique and advanced making to reduce the addition of chemicals

Being strict is one thing that defines us. Whether it's the craft, design, material or test, there are at least 9 checks to pass before reaching the standard, so that we can spot out any itty-bitty defect. Nit-picky? No, it’s being responsible. We treat your babies the way we would treat our own. We only want the best for them, and that’s all.

Cozy Design

Cozy designs born from love - nothing is more important than a cozy baby

The gentlest love for the tenderest babies, the highest salute for the most innocent spirits. We never jump to the next step until we think through all the details at the current step. We believe design only possesses meaning when it's based on human-centered experience.

What's behind cozy care is stringent standards

Nothing is more important than the safety of your little one. That's why in each step of what we do, we always bear the product saftety and quality in mind. This high level of standards makes sure we fulfill the promise of cozy care to your baby.

Little baby

Cozy care is favored by a great many moms and their babies

As an emerging baby care brand, our first diaper was recommended by more than 100 media and recognized by over 50,000 moms in less than one month after launch, earning itself the title of “the softest diaper on the market”. In 2023, BabyCozy launched the natural and eco-friendly diapers made for babies with sensitive skin.

Nothing is more reassuring than hearing the positive feedback from others expecially the true mom customers. Every piece of lovely feedback is a manifestation of our cozy promise to you and your baby.

Cozy care is not only for babies, but for our better planet

You mother your baby. The Earth mothers us. That's why we choose to be eco-friendly. We want you to know in places where there is no spotlight, where feedback is not voiced, we are taking action.

Cozy care is not only for babies, but for our better planet

For a shared better future, we have been focusing on sustainable development - from sourcing, manufacturing to waste disposal. We take our environment into consideration. Little by little, we are contributing to a better and brighter future that our younger generations will grow up in.

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