Our softest diapers are
up for testing!

Some of the best things in life are free
-- air, sunshine and our love for your baby.

Why we run testing?

We want to help shoulder your baby care load so that you can have more time to bond with your baby, to soak up all the fun. Knowing your feedback is one step towards that goal.

Design better baby care

Our baby products begin with dozens of experts and ends with many other moms like you. When lab coats meet nursing tanks, it's a beautiful thing.

A friendly reminder

As there are many testers signing up, we will arrange the shipment in around 15 days. Please choose the right size of diaper based on your baby's growth.

Size guide

Size Weight ranges(lbs) Weight ranges(kg) Changes per day
1 8-14lb 3.6-6.4kg ~8
2 12-18lb 5.4-8.2kg ~7
3 16-28lb 7.3-12.7kg ~7
4 22-37lb 10-16.8kg ~6
5 27+lb 12.2kg+ ~6
6 35+lb 15.9kg+ ~5
A Dry and Comfy Feel
Under Cute Buns

Double softness

Buttery smooth top sheet and velvety touch back sheet.

45% more softness

Embossed cocoon pattern on the top sheet reduces skin contact by 45% for less friction and irritation.

Anti-leak side liner

Our 3D side liner (AKA leg cuffs) is specially designed to prevent leaks on each of baby’s moves.

Smart wetness indicator

You can always know when you baby needs a timely change. Their cute little tushy deserves a crisp feeling!

Who approves?

We make responsible choices with your baby and our planet in mind.