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Bundle of Diapers and Wipes ( 2 Large Pack Diapers + 6 Packs Wipes )
Susan Bostic
Wonderful Diapers

I absolutely love babycozy diapers. They have been a true life saver. My little guy has very sensitive skin, and we've battled severe diaper rashes his entire life. I've tried one brand after another, and when I came across babycozy diapers I read the reviews, and gave them a shot. So happy with these!! My son no longer has the severe diaper rash issues he had before. These are amazing in my opinion, and I order 2 cases at a time, and will continue to use these until he is potty trained. I also use the babycozy wipes, and they are equally impressive. Thank you babycozy for a your excellent baby products. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•


At first I was weary about it not having wifi. I liked the idea of being able to check on my kid when I'm not at home. But when I started hearing all these crazy stories about hackers and whatnot, I felt more safe.

This was literally plug and play. Make sure you charge before using it. Plug it in and watch you baby grow. The downfall is that the camera has to be plug into the wall at all times. We have to use ant extension cord. Plus side - walkie talkie mode, in color with light/black and white in the dark, 1080p is super clear, plays music for baby, and most IMPORTANTLY the camera does a 360 motion. You can control it with the screen. Up, down, and all the way around. Super cool function.

Very soft

These diapers are extremely soft and comfortable and the absorbency is comparable to name brands. They keep my grandsons skin dry as they pull the moisture deep into the diaper. The gathered legs keep leakage to a minimum and allow him to move with comfort. The color change stripe lets you know when the diaper is wet. The closure tabs hold the diaper securely in place. He has experienced no diaper rash or other skin irritation while wearing these.

I'm a fan, these are amazing!

I love baby cozy diapers, and wipes. They are extremely absorbent, and oh so soft. My son has very sensitive skin, and these have done amazing for him. The wipes are great too, very cleansing, and soothing on my baby's bottom. The only improvement I could even imagine would be putting designs on the diapers, but even without, I'm a baby cozy fan for life. I will tell my family, and friends about these amazing diapers, and wipes every chance I get.

Super soft diapers!

These are the absolute softest diapers Ive ever used! They fit great and work well. The only down side is that they are a bit pricier than others.

The softest diapers! Give them a try.

I bought them in a rush not knowing what to expect. I would definitely buy them again.
They're really soft, got wetness indicator and great absorption. My baby is barely 13lbs so far and they fit just fine.

Great quality

These diapers are extremely soft.
I love the size indicator on these diapers. They are extremely helpful to make sure you have the diapers centered on your little ones bottom.
The small packages would be perfect for a baby shower gift for a new parent wanting to sample different diaper brands.

5.0 out of 5 stars Bon qualite et confortable.

12 nouvelles couches - taille 2 (bonne pour un bb de deux mois)
Couches de bonne qualit.
Il n'y a pas de produits chimiques.
L'absorption est bonne et meilleure que celle que j'ai utilise.
Bon ajustement.
Le caoutchouc est bon et l'adhsif est bon aussi.
Il est trs doux pour la peau de bb et n'a provoqu aucune raction allergique chez le bb.
Bon prix, livraison en un jour.

So soft!

These diapers scream "quality". They are thin and velvety soft for comfort. They have elastic on the back side for achieving a perfect fit. The tabs to secure the diapers are easy to use over and over again, making it simple to check for messes. They instantly wick the wetness away from skin.

The softest!

Never felt a fluffier, soft diaper! The pics do no justice as to how incredibly comfy these feel. The absorb and fit really well. They dont leak when properly fitted. One of the best diapers Ive ever used on my little one.

Excellente qualit !!!

Ces couches sont parfaites !

Elles sont extrmement douces, rien qu'en les prenant dans la main on sent tout de suite la diffrence avec une couche standard. Elles sont douces pour la peau de bb, mon bb a la peau qui rougi vite et la, plus rien...
?a ne fuit pas, ?a tient bien. C'est top !

Une ligne se colore quand bb a urin.

Je recommande vivement ces couches, le prix est un peu excessif mais la qualit y est !

Velvety Soft Diapers!!

I say this having 4 children and trying nearly every brand of diaper over the last 10 years

These are truly the softest diapers I have ever felt!!

They are buttery soft and smooth feel very comfortable and hug babys bottom perfectly! There isnt an ingredients list anywhere on the diapers, but they claim to be hypoallergenic without harmful chemicals.

There are 2 packs of 6 diapers so these would be nice to just throw a pack in an overnight bag or take while traveling.

They are .67 cents per diaper. The average price is 20-30 cents so these are slightly more expensive. I do feel like the silky smooth texture is worth it though. They also have the line showing wetness which is extremely beneficial.

Great for diaper bag!

These diapers come in the perfect little pack to throw in your diaper bag! We have been loving this brand, theyre soft and comfy for my toddler.

Love these diapers

These diapers are amazing very soft, fit well(don't leak) and clean!!!!! Thank you for making such great diapers!

Great wipes!

These are well made. I love the packaging for these wipes. The smell is really great and I would purchase again.

Multi purpose wipe!

These wipes are great for multi purpose. The texture they have at great for wiping the bottom or after they eat a snack. I wish the pack brought more.

Cleans well and high quality

The baby wipes come with pop-up dispensers. The wipes are thick and durable. They clean well and have a faint smell of coconut. They did not cause any irritation or reactions. I like that it is made of biodegradable material. I am very pleased with the wipes.

Nice wipes

These wipes are perfect for little ones with sensitive skin or who are irritated easily! They have a nice coconut smell and are very moist.

Gentle and moisturizing!

I admit I got these for my fur child. I havent been able to find wipes I used to use on her this past year and have been searching for a replacement since. I cant stand the smell of most wipes. I recently found some that I liked well enough but they were fragranced. I liked the fragrance but didnt want it but accepted the compromise. I picked these up on a whim and they are perfect!!! They are ever so slightly fragranced if you sniff real close but its barely there. They are soothing and non irritating! Think I finally can stop compromising! Great wipes.

BabyCozy 5 in 1 Baby Food Maker with Touch Screen for Self-Clean
Slip N Slide
Great Little Appliance

Great product! This is not just a blender/food processor, it will also steam the vegetables you want to puree. Will also cook rice or oats for making baby fresh cereal. The blades are not removable, but comes with a self cleaning feature and scrub brush. The removable parts are dishwasher safe. Removes easily from the base so you can bring it to the table without dragging the cord around, which also makes rinsing and cleaning easier. Only thing that is not a positive is that you cannot puree frozen fruits so iced smoothies are out. Comes with a good little instruction book on how to use as well as make rice/oats.

BabyCozy 5 in 1 Baby Food Maker with Touch Screen for Self-Clean
Diamond NailzIt
Love it! Buy it!

Very simple to use I like having the 5 in one and not needing to share blenders with my baby. Steaming was perfect after 20 mins esp because I used frozen green beans. I realized the top I removed was a strainer so it was perfect to strain then dump the green beans right in the leftover water. I blended on 3 cycles n still had some chunks but blending was simple n produced a good amount of pured green beans. The blade is sharp and overall the blender is quiet which its great for my family since we work from home.I look forward to trying other veggies n fruits.

BabyCozy 5 in 1 Baby Food Maker with Touch Screen for Self-Clean
Great appliance for busy moms

I can prepare my baby's food with out worrying about it burning or getting all my dishes dirty. Really convinient and can do everything in just one place. Pre set settings and times so you dont have to be checking on it every a few minutes. Easy enough to do everything with one hand. The suction cups on the base are very small but strong so the machine dont move when preparing food or blending. Self clean, i just wiped out whit a slonge to get the last of the residue. I use this almost every day . I love it

Great for Sensitive Skin

My toddler has VERY sensitive skin. we have to be very careful about dyes and fragrances, because even the smallest exposure to a product with them will cause him to break out. Poor kid; even though we are mindful of what he is exposed to, he still gets treated with prescription strength creams regularly.
However - I was happy to find that after going through an entire pack of these, he has not developed a singe rash! They don't seem to have any smell at all to them; unlike other diapers that claim to be "perfume free," these truly seem to be.
These seem a bit larger than a Huggies or Pampers diaper. I included a pic of one of these diapers compared to the same size Huggies; it's both wider and longer.
As of the time I'm writing this, these diapers are a little pricier than Huggies, but if you have a kid like mine who has extra sensitive skin, that added expense might very well be worth it in the long run.

The best

Great brand of diapers ,super soft, great fit

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