The choicest materials from 5 countries
Made in advanced method, abiding by rigorous standards
Spin it
2X softer, touch it and love it
1X softer
2X softer
Buttery smooth top sheet achieved by first-rate cotton.
Velvety back sheet realized by the finest 0.8D fiber density.  
Additives? No way!
Proved by Children's Product Certificate (CPC), no bad stuff will ever be found in our diapers. We only want the safest for your baby.
0 Paraben
0 Additive
0 Bleach
0 Chlorine
0 Phthalate
0 Fragrance
3X dry combined core
3X hypoallergenic, say goodbye to allergic red tushy
Gradient inter-surface to “funnel” the water to the smallest area and infiltrate down targeted, 2X faster.
The first layer of the combined core with a mix of FSC-approved pulp and Japanese SAP, to absorb more water in a more evenly way to reduce lump and fault greatly, 2X cozier.
The second layer of the combined core with all Japanese SAP, to speed up the absorption rate and enhance retaining capacity, as to exert the dryness to the most, 2X drier.
Bounce heartily and happily, no leak willl pass
Wider and longer size, wiggle up!
Broad 3D side liner minimizes leaks.
Sandwiched bonding tape, 3X securing.
Bounce Freely Into The Softness
Every baby is precious in the eyes of their parents. We simply want to help take good care of your baby by providing what is possibly the best products. BabyCozy's Bouncy Soft diapers will bring a whole new level of comfort to indulge your little one in the supreme softness.
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